Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today Was a Good Day....

Today was such a wonderful and sunny day, that I just had to enjoy it.  So, you know what I did?  I decided to get up off my happy-go-lucky ass and get out of the house for a bit.  First, me and two Principino's went to a 10:30am showing of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  We loved it...just the three of us hanging out, watching a good movie, and simply enjoying ourselves.  It was great.  We are all huge fans of Captain Jack Sparrow and the "Pirate" movies, so this was a good outing for us.

After that, my adult self said to me, "Reana, you should go shopping, maybe read a book, have a coffee, and just chill."  So guess what I did?  Exactly that!  I had on some nice weekend clothes -- not looking scruffy like usual -- and drove to one of the many local malls in the Northern Virginia area.  I walked around S-L-O-W-L-Y, really taking my time as if I didn't have a care in the world.  Looked in windows, went inside shops, tried on a few things I knew damn good and well I couldn't afford to buy.  Held a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...knowing that I would have to sell my soul to own a pair -- yeah, I put those bad boys down quick.  Damn, to have the ability to pay that much for a pair of shoes.  Must be nice.

Starbucks was calling my name (of course) and enjoyed a cup hot coffee and read a couple of the short stories that were sitting on my e-reader.  It was nice.  No rushing around, no kids asking me for stuff, no hubby huffing and puffing because I was taking too long looking around a store.

Yeah, it was nice.  Sundays are usually my day to go out and just have me time.  We all need time to just regroup and get away from the hustle and bustle of home and work.  Taking our time strolling through the mall, even if you don't have enough money to buy all that you want, can actually be a very calming experience.  It was very nice and I think I'm going to plan a few more days like today.  Whether it be Saturday or Sunday, I'm not sure.  But I can tell you one thing, with summer soon upon us, "Reana Time" will become a regular catch-phrase in my house.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

My New Man Candy...

So, I have a new boyfriend...yeah, he's real sexy and I love his....well, damn, I love everything.  Yeah, I'm drooling a bit over this guy and I'm going to keep on drooling.  His name is James Guardino and he's MINE...alll MINE!!

Okay, so, maybe he's not my only boyfriend, becuase Cristiano Rinaldo is still numero uno...with his fine ass self.  It should be a damn crime how fine that man is.  Yeah, I'm having a man crush day.

cristiano ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo

So, maybe I'll write about something more substantive next time, but right now I'm just needing some man candy. Yummy!!!!

Love and Hugs,