Saturday, July 11, 2009

On My Mind

Things have been busy and I'm writing away. Two short stories have been completed and submitted for publication: Stay (part of the Naughty Nanny Series) and Claiming Lana (part of the Naughty Bites series). Be on the lookout for both of them soon. My Yahoo! Group has excerpts, so please visit and take a look (

I'm also working on another book, Escape to Heaven. This one is going to take a little longer. It will be a short novel (or at least that's what I believe). I'm taking my time with this one since it will deal with how a woman gets over an abusive relationship, finds her own strength, and moves forward with a strong, alpha-male, who loves her.

It's interesting how story lines form in my head. Some days I can't think of a story to write and I have intense writer's block. Other times, the ideas are flying so fast, I have to write them down in short spurts so that I don't lose them.

Writing has truly become my second calling. I love every minute of creating a story with characters that people can feel passionate about. While I can pull people in with the short stories, eventually my goal is to write longer stories that draw folks in the for the long haul. A few series are in the future as well. So, keep on reading the stories and putting the word out (especially if you like them). It's time to begin writing again, but I'll be back when there's more news to share.


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